Arkansas Concealed Weapon Training

Providing concealed weapon and custom firearms training.

Next class: August 9, 2015 in NLR. Contact Brett at 501-952-9934




Classes conducted monthly. Call for next date. Classes can be


scheduled at you convenience.



Join a class with others, or form a group of friends and arrange a


date that works well for everybody.

  • Located in Central Arkansas.
  • Proven, up to date tactics that have been tested in real situations. 
  • Real world experience and training in tactical use of handgun, shotgun, carbine    and scoped rifles.

Learn what you need to know and gain the edge in a lethal threat environment.


Over 20 years of experience in the defensive use of handguns. Go beyond concealed carry and customize a class in a 1 or 2 day format to include tactical reloading, moving with a weapon, use of cover, immediate action drills, searching your home, Active shooter defense and much more.

Carbine rifle training: Hone your skills or learn basic rifle craft as the professionals do it!

Private instruction available

Contact Brett @ 501-952-9934     Email:


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